Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Germany: Left party leader call Jewish MP a "sneaky Jew"

Raheem Kassam quite rightly pointed out on Twitter:
If the head of the AFD said this it’d have flashed up on my phone as a Reuters/AFP alert by now...
Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):  
The head of the German Left Party in the city of Saarlouis, situated in the state of Saarland, used an antisemitic phrase on his Facebook page to denigrate an MP in his party, according to a Monday report in the regional paper Saarbrücker Zeitung.

Mekan Kolasinac, the chairman of the Left Party in Saarlouis, called the party's federal head, Bernd Riexinger, a "sneaky Jew."

Kolasinac told the paper he wrote the anti-Jewish entry but regrets it. He said it was a mistake and he intended to write "Judas" instead of "Jew." Kolasinac said he apologized on his Facebook page and apologized to "my Jewish friends."

Birgit Huonker, a spokeswoman for the Left Party in Saarland, said: "Antisemitism in one's party. Bad."

The Saarbrücker Zeitung said the background to Kolasinac's verbal attack on Riexinger is a BILD paper article, in which Riexinger allegedly sought to oust the party's parliamentary head Sahra Wagenknecht. Riexinger is co-chair of the federal Left Party.
The Left Party has been plagued over the years by allegations of antisemitism and anti-Israel scandals, according to critics
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UK: Organization of British Jews gives cover to left-wing anti-Semites

Via Mosaic Magazine:
The fall conference of the UK’s Labor party saw more than its share of vitriol directed at Israel, not to mention naked anti-Semitism. In response, the Jewish Labor Movement—an established group for the party’s Jewish members—successfully pushed for new rules that would allow the party more effectively to combat anti-Semitism in its ranks. Opposing the change was the newly-formed Jewish Voice for Labor (JVL), which, according to Stephen Daisley, exists primarily to apologize for anti-Semites:
Although it failed to halt the new disciplinary regime, JVL’s intervention marks a turning point in Labor’s engagement with Jews and its attitude to anti-Semitism. Jewish groups within the party have hitherto been united in criticism of the leadership and the toleration of prejudice against Jews and conspiracy theories about Zionism. Now another group will purport to speak for Labor Jews, one ideologically wedded to the leader [Jeremy Corbyn] and the radical anti-Israel politics he practices. ... 
The [true] purpose of JVL is not to explore and debate complex questions or to represent the feelings of most Jews within the party; it is to muddy the waters. ... [Its] most noxious aspect ... is [its supporters’] eagerness . . . to leap to the defense of the most outrageous statements by the most extreme figures in the Labor party. Time after time, JVL has acted [by] providing kosher [certification, as it were] for the nastiest elements on the far left. When [London’s former mayor] Ken Livingstone pronounced Hitler a supporter of Zionism, Jenny Manson, now chair of JVL, issued a statement insisting his comments were “not offensive, nor anti-Semitic in any way.” ... 
So what do the anti-Zionist activists in groups like JVL get out of being used as a kosher stamp for anti-Semites—aside from proving their loyalty to the Labor party leadership? [The scholar David] Hirsh suggests a deeper motivation: “They would rather live in a world where anti-Semitism is provoked by Jews—and so, therefore, could notionally be stopped by Jews—than in a world where anti-Semitism is irrational. They prefer to imagine that Jews are in control of their own destiny than that they are simply victims of anti-Semitism.”
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Austria's election winner Sebastian Kurz has a warm place in his heart for Israel

 Via Israel Hayom:
Sebastian Kurz
(...) Less than 24 hours after Kurz's sweeping win, as he began preparing for his new job as the youngest world leader, he granted Israel Hayom an exclusive interview, making a point of showing he has a warm place in his heart for the Jewish state
Kurz made it clear that denouncing anti-Semitism would be a "clear precondition" for his future coalition partners, including his most likely partner, the far-right Freedom Party of Austria. (...)
Kurz also said he supports the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, which was negotiated in his country's capital, Vienna. He stressed that "we cannot be naive" about the Islamic republic's conduct. 
Q. Congratulations on your victory and thank you for finding the time to answer our questions on such a busy day. How does it feel to become the youngest chancellor in Austria's history?
"I'm glad and overwhelmed by the good electoral results for our political movement, the new People's Party. We have achieved historic success. The voters have conferred a very large responsibility on us and I would be honored to serve the Austrian citizens as the head of the next government." 
Q. Does being so young make it easier for you to take responsibility for Austria's history during World War II?
"My visits to Yad Vashem [Israel's Holocaust memorial], as well as my many meetings with Holocaust survivors, were deeply moving for me. I have always been very clear that we – and that very much includes the new Austrian generation – shall never forget the Holocaust and the atrocities committed during World War II. Austria has to face up to its own history, and that includes the dark sides of it. Let me be very clear: A Europe without Jews is not Europe anymore. I am therefore very glad that we have a vibrant – small, but very vibrant - Jewish community in Austria. Also, Austria enjoys excellent relations with the State of Israel – this is a fact that is very important for me." 
Q. During the campaign, your close contacts with the Austrian Jewish community and Israel were used by certain sides to try to harm your chances of winning. Was that anti-Semitic?
"I cannot speak for other parties. But the election results clearly show that Austrians do not reward any kind of smear campaigns or dirty campaigning tricks. Let me also be clear that we must continue to pursue a policy of zero tolerance for any form of anti-Semitism in Austria as well as in Europe." 
Q. The campaign was shadowed by the "Silberstein scandal," in which Israeli adviser Tal Silberstein was accused of misconduct by promoting allegedly racist propaganda. Will this affair influence future contacts between Austria and Israel?
"No, it will not. It is of the utmost importance for me that Austria and Israel continue to intensify our already close bilateral relations. I am glad that during my time as foreign minister our bilateral relations have further improved and grown ever stronger. Let me just give you one figure here: Our bilateral trade grew by 32.5% during the first half of 2017 – that tells you something about the growing strength of our relationship. Also, we have put a focus and an intensified exchange between our young generations. (A new Working Holiday Program that I have signed with PM Netanyahu allows for young Israelis and Austrians for the first time to work in each other's country – and this opportunity is taken up with great enthusiasm.) If I become the next chancellor of Austria, I will strive to further intensify our close bilateral relations."
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Europe: Czech MEP Tomas Zdechovsky: MEPs who invited Leila Khaled must be sanctioned

Europe: Huge success for terrorist Leila Khaled at the European Parliament

Via European Jewish Press:
Tomas Zedchovsky, a Czech Member of the European Parliament from the European People’s Party (EPP), was the first to be alerted by the presence of a terrorist in the building of the parliament in Brussels. He called on European Parliament President  Antonio Tajani  to investigate whether the EU’s anti-terror rules had been breached by the two Spanish MEPs from the European United Left group who invited Leila Khaled.

"Not only did she (Khaled) hijack airplanes from European cities, but she never faced justice. This terrorist only walks free here because other terrorists hijacked even more Europeans in exchange for her release,"  he noted.

"President Tajani, who was very surprised when he learned of the presence of Leila Khaled (it was not announced until the last minute), promised us that this will quickly be investigated," Zdechovsky told European Jewish Press in an interview.

According to the Czech MEP, President Tajani can impose various sanctions on the two Spanish MEPs, even a suspension. ''We must avoid this will happen again,'' he said.

"I am a peaceful person and I support every time a peaceful solution between Israel and Palestinians. But we cannot give a democratic word in the European parliament to such people who have been fighting with guns against democracy. I will never bring here to the European Parliament radical people, like the PKK or any Palestinian terror group," he said.

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Germany: BDS protest against Israeli band

Via Watch Antisemitism in Europe:

On Saturday evening, supporters of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (#BDS) protested in front of the venue Kulturbahnhof Jena. Reason for the anti-Israel protest was a concert by the Israeli band Kutiman Orchestra. BDS recalls the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

France: Former PM Valls accused of proximity with Israeli far right

Via The Irish Times:
Mélenchon [a former Socialist minister and now leader of the far-left France Unbowed, France Insoumise] clashed with the former prime minister Manuel Valls, after the weekly Canard enchaîné reported that Mélenchon called Valls a Nazi. “I did not say and I do not think that Valls is a Nazi,” Mélenchon tweeted. “He’s a political loser.”

Mélenchon accused Valls of supporting the Israeli extreme right, while Valls accused Mélenchon of using “Islamo-leftist rhetoric” and complacency towards anti-Semitism. 
Valls, now deputy for the Essonne department south of Paris, chairs a commission on independence for the overseas territory of New Caledonia. Mélenchon withdrew from the commission, citing Valls’s “proximity to the ethnic theses of the Israeli extreme right”. He referred to a photograph of Valls with Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli minister of justice and a member of the pro-settlement Jewish Home party. 
Valls called Mélenchon’s statement “ignoble and outrageous”. Mélenchon replied that “Valls’s gang are completely integrated in the fachosphère and its propaganda.” Valls thanked politicians who supported him under the hashtag  #I’mFromValls’sGang#. 
The name-calling culminated with Vall’s interview on Europe 1 radio station. “When I go to Israel, I meet everyone,” he said, referring to the photograph with Shaked. “But when they publish this photo and say I’m the friend of the Israeli extreme right, they want to send one message: that Manuel Valls is the friend of the Jews. They’re forgetting the new anti-Semitism. That’s where there is complacency... or they realise it, which is even more serious.”
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UK: Swastika and ‘Kikes’ spray painted at synagogue

Via Times of Israel:
An anti-Semitic slur and a swastika were spray painted overnight Tuesday-Wednesday on a sign outside the Etz Chaim synagogue in the city of Leeds, England, according to local police.

Authorities were treating the act of vandalism as a hate crime and police increased the number of patrols in the area in response, Israel’s Channel 10 reported.

Witnesses said racist slogans were found scribbled on a sidewalk near the Jewish house of worship as well, according to the BBC.

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UK: Bus passenger swore at Rabbi and accused him of “murdering Muslims”

Via CAA:
A rabbi from north London’s orthodox charedi Jewish community has been subjected to a barrage of antisemitic abuse while travelling through Stamford Hill on the 253 bus service. At 20:40 on Wednesday evening, a middle-aged man of Middle Eastern appearance boarded the bus, sat immediately behind him and began to swear at him under his breath. When, on arrival at the stop outside the Shell petrol station in Upper Clapton Road, the rabbi stood up to leave the bus, his abuser shouted at him, “Why are you killing all the Muslims? You are a murderer!” The rabbi declined the bus driver’s offer to call the police, as he was on his way to officiate at a ceremony. However, the next day, he made contact with the police himself. Clearly still angry and upset, he told us: “He was clearly antisemitic. He has no right to say these things to a person in a public place.”

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

UK: UK: Pensioner fined £250 for antisemitic mail campaign against 'Zionist Jews'

Via CAA:
James Evans, a 70-year-old pensioner from Worcester, has been fined for harassing Worcester MP Robin Walker after writing him over 150 letters which included references to “Zionist Jews” being a “death cult” and claims that they will “get us all killed in the Third World War.” He also said the Jews were “not a race.” Mr Evans was fined £250, despite him refusing to express remorse and the fact that this is his third conviction for a similar offence.

Mr Evans wrote over 150 letters to Mr Walker between 1st August and 25th November last year. Mr Evans, who represented himself, had previously admitted racially aggravated harassment against Mr Walker when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court to be sentenced.

It is Mr Evans’ third conviction for similar offences, one of which led to a restraining order preventing him from contacting staff at BBC Hereford and Worcester after he sent them 70 offensive letters. It was a restraining order he later breached.

Mr Walter even contacted Mr Evans in an attempt to stop the letters being sent, but he continued to send and hand deliver letters, sometimes several times a day.

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Op-Ed: Why my antisemitism antenna keeps twitching

Ivor Gaber @ TheJC:
Let me begin with a declaration of interest so that readers know, as they say, where I am coming from.

I am Jewish by birth and an atheist by belief. I was one of the original signatories to the declaration of Jews for Justice for the Palestinians and Independent Jewish Voices, so I can hardly be described as a friend of the current Israeli Government or any of its immediate predecessors.

But why, at every Labour conference I have attended as a journalist and observer, does my trusty antisemitism antenna almost always start twitching?

I am no Jewish snowflake. I have sat in meeting after meeting where platform speakers have made legitimate criticisms of the Israeli government - both this one and Labour's before, and have offered, in the main, thoughtful insights into the origins of the state of Israel and of the whole Zionist mission.

But then, as soon as the discussion is opened to the audience, my discomfort begins.

Take Jeremy Corbyn's closing conference speech at this year’s conference for example. In the section on foreign affairs he spoke about the Saudi onslaught on Yemen, the oppression of the Rohingyas and the death toll in the Congo. Each reference received polite applause. Then he mentioned Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and the polite applause exploded into yelps of agreement and a standing ovation.


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Austria: Students reject 'antisemitic' boycott Israel campaign

Via Jerusalem Post:

The Austrian National Union of Students passed on Friday a motion against BDS, saying that the boycott movement targeting Israel is antisemitic, and that its demands recall the Nazis’ economic war against Jewish businesses.

It is believed to be the first time an Austrian national student union has passed such a resolution.

The Austrian Jewish students group announced on its Facebook page: “We are very happy to announce that the Austrian Students Union is the first national student union to officially pass a resolution denouncing BDS and also passing a version of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA definition of antisemitism. The resolution states BDS to be an antisemitic campaign and calls not to give it any space or supporting funds.

“This has been a big step in the fight against antisemitism, and we are very happy that after our lobbying effort almost all factions have supported the motion.

“A special thanks to the GRAS Greens and Alternative Students and their continuing support in the fight against all antisemitism.”
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Europe: Despite underdevelopment of Palestinian institutions and civil society, Europe 'must' fund them

Via Besa Center (Dr. Asaf Romirowsky):

A consistent Palestinian strategy for seeking statehood while blaming Israel for its absence has been codified through the narrative of “occupation.” The anniversary of the 1967 war brought this to the forefront in endless accusations regarding the Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank. There is even an assertion that Gaza is still “occupied.”

Occupation is a Palestinian tool to avoid negotiations, since “no tactical brilliance in negotiations, no amount of expert preparation, no perfect alignment of the stars can overcome that obstacle.” Nor is progress in Palestinian economics, institution-building, or civil society possible, because –  as Nabeel Kassis, Palestinian Minister for Finance, put it – “Development under occupation is a charade.” Even the Palestinian Authority’s own repression and crackdown on freedom of the press is, according to Hanan Ashrawi, caused “of course [by] the Israeli occupation.” And despite the palpable underdevelopment of Palestinian institutions and civil society, Europe must keep funding them, since “Preparedness for several possible scenarios with a long-term focus on functioning institutions is what is required from the EU and other donors in Palestine.”
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Spain: Terrorism charges filed with Court over Palestinian hijacker

Europe: Huge success for terrorist Leila Khaled at European Parliament

Via The Algemeiner:
The Lawfare Project, a nonprofit legal-focused think tank, recently submitted a criminal complaint to the National Court of Spain, accusing convicted hijacker Leila Khaled, a member of the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), of “public exaltation” of terrorism and financing terrorism. 
The complaint was submitted in collaboration with the Jewish community of Ibiza, Spain. It details how Khaled used her position in the PFLP to “trivialize the Holocaust, compare Israel to Nazi Germany and advocate for indiscriminate violence against civilians,” the group said in a statement. Additionally, The Lawfare Project has applied for a European warrant for the arrest of Khaled and for her inclusion in the European Union (EU) and Interpol criminal databases. 
Khaled, 73, participated in two hijackings; one in 1969 of a TWA flight and the other in 1970 of an El Al plane. 
Recently, she was permitted to address the European Parliament at an event called “The role of women in the Palestinian resistance.” The Lawfare Project asserts that Khaled used that platform to “praise extremist violence and demonize Jews.” 
“Seeing an infamous terrorist leader welcomed at universities, municipal halls, and even the European Parliament, all while praising violence against civilians, is both despicable and unacceptable,” said Ignacio Wenley Palacios, The Lawfare Project attorney who filed the charges. “Public exaltation and defense of terrorist acts is a serious crime in our country, and we are determined to advance criminal charges on behalf of the victims who are unable to defend themselves.”
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Denmark: For the first time troops guard synagogue and Israeli embassy for Yom Kippur

Via The Times of Israel:
The Danish military deployed troops in Copenhagen on Friday to guard the city’s synagogue and the Israeli embassy, hours ahead of the Yom Kippur Jewish holiday.
The deployment was the first by troops in the Danish capital since the Second World War. 
The synagogue and the Israeli embassy have been under police protection since two deadly attacks in 2015. 
“This is the first time they are used in this type of situation, so it’s unique,” Copenhagen police spokesman Rasmus Bernt Skovsgaard said. 
Danish police have protected Jewish institutions in the country since Omar El-Hussein, a Danish citizen of Palestinian origin who swore allegiance to the Islamic State group, opened fire outside the synagogue, killing one Jewish man and wounding two police officers in 2015. 
Hours earlier, El-Hussein attacked a cultural centre hosting a free speech and Islam forum attended by the controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who faced death threats for penning a caricature of the Prophet Mohammad. 
A filmmaker, Finn Norgaard, was killed in that attack. Police later killed El-Hussein.
The soldiers, who will be deployed until March 2018, are “well-trained and equipped to carry out this type of mission,” Lieutenant Colonel Steen Dalsgaard of the Danish army told AFP. 
Police will continue to guard the Jewish museum and the school.
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Monday, October 9, 2017

UK: Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist ran stall at Labour conference

Corbyn gave tour of Parliament to anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist

Via Guido Fawkes:
A Labour member who shared anti-Semitic conspiracy theories blaming Israel for 9/11, ISIS and the Charlie Hebdo attack was allowed to host an exhibition stall inside the party’s conference last month, Guido can reveal. Tapash Abu Shaim was seen manning the Palestine Solidarity Campaign desk inside the conference centre secure zone. Shaim was given a pass despite his social media activities being reported to the party in August and concerns being raised last year over his attendance at Labour conference 2016.

Shaim’s promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracies on social media has been well documented. In the wake of the January 2015 Paris terror attack he posted: “US politician Jack Lindblad claims Charlie Hebdo killings were ‘by US and Mossad’ to keep Israel’s Netanyahu in power”. 
In another post he labelled terror group Daesh “ISIS = International Solidarity for Israeli Sentiment”. He shared yet another which read: “confirmed ISIS is a Mossad united state of IsraHELL creation”.

Shaim has also shared articles claiming 9/11 was a “Tel-Aviv based outside job”. He suggested the tragedy was: “a deluge of false flag terrorism.” 

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Ukraine: Anti-Semitic vandals caught by police

Via Arutz Sheva 7:
Ukrainian Police have arrested an anti-Semitic gang responsible for a long string of attacks against Jewish worshippers at the grave of Rabbi Nachman in Uman. Thousands of Breslov hasidim and others visit Uman for the High Holidays every year. 
The gang, which called themselves 'Torpedo', had been receiving instruction from a manager in Russia, who paid them money per attack in an attempt to stir up anti-Jewish sentiment in Ukraine. 
The gang was responsible for throwing a grenade at Jews in September, which injured a 13-year-old boy. 
In 2016, the gang had thrown a pig’s head and red paint into Rabbi Nachman's grave. Photograph close-ups of the pig’s head showed a swastika carved into the animal’s forehead. The attackers also sprayed tear gas and shouted anti-Semitic epithets during the assault, which left Jewish visitors to the tomb shaken.
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Sunday, October 8, 2017

France medical brain drain: why are so many doctors leaving for Israel?

Via The Jerusalem Post:
Michel Alimi says he was shopping at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket just a couple of hours before  an Islamist struck on January 9, 2015, shooting four Jews dead and holding 16 hostage before being killed by French police. Now, he, his wife and one of his daughters are moving to Israel.

The 62-year-old general practitioner says the attack, coming after other bloody instances of anti-Jewish violence by French Muslims, has sparked a wave of departures to Israel, including about 50 families from his own neighborhood of Saint-Mandé, on the edge of Paris. (...)

But it’s not just the dangers of Paris life that have motivated hundreds of Jewish medical professionals to join thousands of other French Jews in moving to Israel. It’s also a slew of recent rule changes by Israeli authorities that will make the transition easier for people like him and daughter Aurelia, a 33-year-old pediatrician who specializes in pediatric oncology, who are preparing, or considering, aliya, according to Israeli officials in France and Israel.

France is recognized as having among the highest standards of medical care in the world, and there are thousands of Jewish doctors there, including many who have held prominent positions. André Lichwitz was Charles de Gaulle’s personal physician and Prof. Pierre Aboulker performed the French president’s prostate operation.

Dr. José Aboulker, a relative of Pierre, was a World War II hero who infiltrated Nazi occupied France as a secret agent and later headed the emergency medical unit that followed de Gaulle when he was targeted for assassination. (...)

Yet, immigration by French-trained medical professionals to Israel has long been problematic because of difficulties in getting their credentials recognized. Many French Jewish doctors have long alleged that the hurdles were placed by organizations of Israeli doctors to discourage competition.

Israeli officials say this is no longer a problem.

Ariel Kandel, former head of the Jewish Agency in France, is now director general of Qualita, a Jerusalem-based group aimed at smoothing the arrival in Israel for French Jews. (...)

Official Israeli figures show that 1,166 French medical professionals have made aliya since 2012. Among them are 340 doctors, as well as dentists, pharmacists, optometrists and other medical and paramedical specialists. The only countries from which more medical professionals arrived during the same period were Russia with 1,776 and strife-torn Ukraine with 1,186. By comparison, the United States, which has the Diaspora’s largest community, contributed 668 medical professionals. 
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Austria and Germany: Iranian mosques stoke genocidal antisemitism against Israel

Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
Iranian regime-controlled mosques in Vienna and Hamburg stoke genocidal antisemitism against Israel, while the Imam Ali mosque in the Austrian capital propagates discrimination against women, according to a government report and statements.

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) said last week, in its report probing 16 mosques that in the Iranian regime-controlled Imam Ali mosque, that “the mosque is entirely on the same line as Iran’s state doctrine. Israel is not, regardless of its boundaries, recognized.
The goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.”
In one of the prayer services observed at the Imam Ali mosque in February, the cleric publicized a conference for the support of the Palestinians under the motto: “Palestine is the home of the Palestinians.”

The imam complained during the service that the Islamic world was so occupied with its own problems that it had lost sight of the Palestinians and “negotiates with the ruthless usurper.” While Israel was not mentioned by name, the pejorative descriptions are believed to have targeted the Jewish state. 
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Belgium suspends PA construction projects after Palestinian school renamed for notorious terrorist

After complaints from Jewish groups, the Belgian government is now dealing with the problem, but will no doubt keep channelling aid to the Palestinians regardeless of the fact that they glorify terrorism.  The Belgian government claims it clueless about the name change.

Related: School built with Belgian aid renamed for mass-murdering terrorist

Via The Algemeiner:
The Belgian government is suspending any efforts to construct or furnish Palestinian schools, after one built with Brussels’ aid was renamed in honor of a mass-murdering terrorist, The Algemeiner has learned. 
Located in the southern West Bank, the school’s controversial name pays homage to Dalal Mughrabi, who led a massacre of 38 people — including 13 children — near Tel Aviv in 1978. Its logo also includes a map erasing Israel, while its Facebook page has posted pictures glorifying Palestinian attackers. 
A plaque at the school, which was first identified by the monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch, notes that it was established with Belgian support. 
Didier Vanderhasselt, a spokesperson for the Belgian foreign ministry, confirmed to The Algemeiner that the school’s construction was supported by the Belgian government between 2012 and 2013.

“When the school building was handed over to the local community in 2013 it was called ‘Beit Awwa Basic Girls School,’ subsequently the name was changed to ‘Dalal Mughrabi Elementary School,’” Vanderhasselt explained. “The Belgian government was unaware of this name change.” 
He added that Belgium “unequivocally condemns the glorification of terrorist attacks,” and “will not allow itself to be associated with the names of terrorists in any way.” 
“Belgium has immediately raised this issue with the Palestinian Authority and is awaiting a formal response,” Vanderhasselt said. “In the meantime Belgium will put on hold any projects related to the construction or equipment of Palestinian schools.”
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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Belgium: School built with Belgian aid renamed for mass-murdering terrorist

Unsurprisingly, the Belgian government did absolutely nothing about this...

Via The Algemeiner:
The Belgian government is being urged to take action after a Palestinian school that was built with its funding was renamed in honor of a mass-murdering terrorist. 
The Beit Awwa Basic Girls School was established in the southern West Bank “through a fund from the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium and through the Belgian Development Agency BTC,” according to a plaque at the school, which was first identified by the monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). 
Now known as the Dalal Mughrabi Elementary Mixed School, it was renamed by the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) Ministry of Education in honor of the Palestinian terrorist who took part in the 1978 Coastal Road massacre. Thirty-eight people — including 13 children — were killed and over 70 were wounded in the attack, which turned Mughrabi into a venerated hero among Palestinians. 
The school’s logo also features a map of Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, all depicted as a single territory. Its Facebook page has posted pictures glorifying Palestinian attackers, including Adi Hashem al Masalmeh, who was fatally shot after stabbing an Israeli soldier in October 2015. 
Daniel Schwammenthal, director of the AJC Transatlantic Institute, told The Algemeiner that “the Palestinian Authority under President Abbas has established a culture of incitement that fuels terror and hatred, making it impossible to see how he can ever lead any serious peace negotiations.” 
“By naming schools after terrorists, the PA is indoctrinating even little children, apparently determined to ensure this conflict will last well into the next generation,” he continued. 
Schwammenthal called on the Belgian government to “investigate this issue and insist that the PA rename the school immediately.”
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France: 10-year-old Jewish girl assaulted by classmates

Via BNVCA (National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism):

A ten-year-old child was violently assaulted by classmates at a primary school in the 18th arrondissement of Paris on the grounds of her Jewishness.

According to a complaint filed with the police by the girl Ness C. and her mother, the 10-year-old girl was subjected to insults, beatings and punchings several times and for several consecutive days.

The girl was taken to hospital suffering from pain in her abdomen and ribs. She was signed off from school for ten days.

The BNVCA asked the police to make every effort to ascertain whether the child had been attacked on anti-Semitic grounds and if so for this fact to be taken into account in the course of the investigation.

The mother complained that the school had failed to protect her child and to sanction the young offenders.

The Paris Rectorate was contacted by the BNVCA and is investigating the matter.  The Rectorate has acceded to the request by the mother for the child to be transferred to another school.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Greece: Exhibition banner vandalized with antisemitic graffiti

Via Against Antisemitism:

Thessaloniki, September 2017 / Photo courtesy of Iosif Vaena
Τhe exhibition “Shared Sacred Sites in the Balkans and the Mediterranean”, a collaboration between the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, opened on September 23rd.
Only hours after the exhibition opening, the banner outside the venue had been vandalized with antisemitic (“Jews out”) and far-right (“Fatherland, religion, family”) graffiti.
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Swiss MP: ‘Jews had a better chance of survival at Auschwitz than pigs in farms'

Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
Fricker’s alleged belittling of the Holocaust triggered outrage in Switzerland, causing him to resign on Saturday. 
Swiss Green Party MP Jonas Fricker said during a debate over animal protections in the National Council legislative body on Thursday that Jews deported to the Auschwitz extermination camp had a better chance of surviving than pigs sent to industrial livestock farming.
Fricker’s alleged belittling of the Holocaust triggered outrage in Switzerland, causing him to resign on Saturday.
He said on Thursday that “the people who were deported there [Nazi extermination camps] had a chance to survive. The pigs go to a certain death.”
“You know the photographs, the documentary films from Europe that show the unspeakable industry livestock farming – they are transported to a certain death,” Fricker continued, adding that the last time he recalled seeing a documentary about the transport of pigs, photographs of the mass deportation from Schindler’s List came to mind.
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Monday, October 2, 2017

Norway: What the Norwegian elections mean for Israel and the Jews

Via Mosaic Magazine and The Jerusalem Post  (Manfred Gerstenfeld):
From 2005 to 2013, writes Manfred Gerstenfeld, Norway’s government was the most hostile toward Israel in all of Europe, and both hostility toward Israel and outright anti-Semitism were on the rise in the country as a whole. The situation has improved since 2013, when the Norwegian Conservative party won an electoral victory, ending eight years of the Labor party’s rule. Against most predictions, the recent elections returned the Conservatives to office. Gerstenfeld comments:  
[If] the Labor leader, Jonas Gahr Stoere, would have become prime minister, (...) it is likely that Norway would have joined Sweden sooner or later in recognizing a [Palestinian state]. (...)  
[The previous Labor prime minister] was not so much an anti-Israeli inciter himself as he was tolerant of such incitement by his party and allies. At several venues where he spoke, there were brutal verbal attacks on Israel while he remained silent. By not confronting these attacks he condoned them. As for his successor Stoere, his anti-Israelism reached an extreme point when he wrote a blurb legitimizing a book by two Norwegian Hamas supporters [who] claimed that Israel entered the Gaza Strip in 2009 to kill women and children.  
[But] Stoere always played both sides. In January 2009, the most anti-Semitic riots that ever took place in Norway happened in Oslo. Muslims attacked pro-Israel demonstrators with potentially lethal projectiles. Stoere visited the Oslo synagogue afterward to express his solidarity with the Jewish community. (...)
Many often underestimate the importance of Norway because the country is not a member of the European Union and has only about 5 million inhabitants. Yet its huge gas and oil income has enabled it to make important donations abroad, including to Palestinian causes.  
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Sunday, October 1, 2017

UK: School cancels Balfour poetry contest that fails to mention Israel

Via The Jewish Chronicle:
A Kent grammar school has abruptly withdrawn from hosting a poetry competition marking the Balfour Declaration centenary which only asked for submissions on the theme of Palestine.
St Olave’s Grammar School in Orpington announced in its June newsletter that it would hold an international poetry competition on November 2.
The competition, sponsored by The Balfour Project, Shortlands Poetry Circle and Bromley International Cluster, is open to students aged between 10- and 18-years-old from “all faiths and none”, and will award £500 to the winner.
The school was contacted by Board of Deputies vice president Sheila Gewolb over why Israel was not mentioned.
Headmaster Aydin Önaç told Mrs Gewolb that the school was “simply hosting the competition”. (...)
But when contacted by the JC on Wednesday, the headmaster said the school was no longer hosting the event. He declined to comment further.
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Europe: Why did the European Parliament embrace a Palestinian terrorist who trivializes the Holocaust?

Via The Algemeiner (Daniel S. Mariaschin):
If there was ever a reminder that Europe is losing its way, the appearance this week at the European Parliament by convicted Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled is surely it.
Khaled, a major operative in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was involved in a wave of hijackings of commercial airliners in 1969 and 1970, most notably a TWA flight from Rome to Athens and Tel Aviv, and an El Al flight from Amsterdam to New York City.
The PFLP, headed by George Habash, helped to invent modern terror. Its curriculum vitae is filled with enough hijackings, bombings (suicide and otherwise), drive-by shootings and kidnappings to fill a good-sized bookshelf. It has partnered with like-minded organizations, such as the Japanese Red Army and Colombia’s guerrilla army FARC, and though Marxist in orientation, the group has enjoyed a relationship with terrorism’s biggest backer today — theocratic Iran. The PFLP’s targets have invariably been civilians: in 2014, for example, its operatives attacked worshippers with axes and knives at a Jerusalem synagogue, killing four and wounding seven.
The PFLP has been on the European Union’s terrorism list since 2012 (decades after the organization came into existence). And yet, Khaled was a featured speaker this week on a program at the European Parliament, titled, “The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance.” Khaled received a two-minute standing ovation, preceded by this introduction: “We…have a living legend here with us today, who we can call the Che Guevara of Palestine, Leila Khaled.” The Venezuelan ambassador, who was also present, was introduced as an “honored guest.”
Khaled’s speech was not about empowerment and opportunity. Instead, it was a nonstop screed filled with time-tested Palestinian canards about Zionism — and about Jews.
“The Holocaust,” she said, “is only pain to the Jews. They have monopolized the pain and have played the role of the victims. … [D]on’t you think that what happened in Auschwitz is comparable to what happens in Gaza today?”
The Zionist movement, she stated, “aligns with all the capitalists in the world,” and she added that “in the next 100 years, they [the Zionists] will be able to dominate the world economy.” (...)
The Khaled event at the European Parliament was not something hidden or unknown to those who peruse the international body’s weekly calendar. Someone made a decision to approve its being placed on the schedule. (...)
Yet with so many EU heads of government, foreign ministers and other officials proffering comments about the need to defeat the growing threat of terrorism on the continent, where are those voices expressing outrage over the invitation to a convicted terrorist — who remains a “member of the political bureau” of one of the deadliest of terror organizations — to speak at one of the EU’s central institutions
In trying to explain this, words like “hypocrisy” and “indifference” come to mind, along with simple political correctness. But it is more than that: Haven’t those in leadership positions in Brussels learned anything from decades of violence espoused by Khaled, her contemporaries and now, by Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS? If nothing else, have they no self-respect?
The recent list of terrorist attacks in Europe is long, and growing. At the EU, some may have short memories, but surely the families of victims in Paris, Nice, London, Brussels, Copenhagen and so many other places, do not.
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Leila Khaled, a member of a terrorist group blacklisted by the EU, speaks in the European Parliament where she glorifies terrorism and trivializes the Holocaust

Friday, September 29, 2017

Europe: Huge success for terrorist Leila Khaled at European Parliament

Unsurprisingly not many of the 751 European MPs objected to the hosting of a terrorist at the European Parliament.  No European newspapers, no Human Rights NGOs, no politicians had anything to say about the event.  As I wrote before, this is the perfect illustration of how European MPs spend their time and taxpayers' money.  They then complain that populists are becoming more and more popular...

Standing ovation for Leila Khaled at the European Parliament in Brussels.  They were having a very good time.
Via CNS News (Patrick Goodenough):
Half a Century Ago Leila Khaled Hijacked Two Aircraft in Europe. This Week She Was Guest at European Parliament
A woman who hijacked two aircraft in Europe of behalf of a Palestinian terrorist group almost half a century ago was feted as an invited guest at a European Parliament event on Tuesday evening, despite the fact her group is on the European Union’s terrorist list. 
Leila Khaled, a member of the political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), took part in an event in Brussels entitled “The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Resistance,” organized by a left-wing parliamentary group. 
The poster advertising the event and naming the three speakers identifies her affiliation: “Leila Khaled – Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.” 
Just early last month [1], E.U. ministers decided to keep the PFLP on the union’s list of designated terrorist organization. The PFLP has been on the list –  now comprising 21 groups – since June 2002. 
Tuesday’s event was organized by members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from a far-left Spanish party, Izquierda Unida, which is part of the “European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group at the European Parliament.
Martina Anderson, an MEP from Ireland’s Sinn Fein – also a member of the GUE/NGL group – tweeted a photo of herself with “legendary Palestinian revolutionary Leila Khaled” at the event 
“Fantastic Turnout in Brussels 4 Women in Palestinian Struggle Leila Khaled addressing a packed room – long live international solidarity,” Anderson tweeted.
A spokeswoman for Israel’s mission to the E.U., Michal Weiler-Tal, said meetings of this nature should not be allowed in an institution “which promotes democracy and Western values.” 
“It is difficult to understand that a political group in the European Parliament, legitimizes and provides a platform for a convicted terrorist who hijacked American and Israeli airliners, to spread incitement and promote hatred and violence,” she said. 
“Moreover, hosting such an infamous figure belonging to the PFLP – which E.U. law designates as a terrorist organization – is not only against our moral standards but also sabotages the efforts to fight terrorism,” Weiler-Tal added. “IThis is a terrible message to the Israeli public and goes against the values that Israel and Europe share.” 
Earlier on Tuesday, the American Jewish Committee’s Brussels-based Transatlantic Institute called on the parliament’s president to prevent Khaled’s entry. 
“It would be a sad irony if parliament, only days after crucially setting up a special committee on terrorism, were to welcome and lionize as a ‘resistance fighter’ a convicted terrorist who was captured in 1970 while hijacking a commercial airplane,” said the institute’s director, Daniel Schwammenthal.
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In February 2016:
Samidoun continued its meetings at the European Parliament and events with Leila Khaled, Palestinian historic resistance figure and political leader, visiting Brussels following a speech in Utrecht at the New World Summit. Representatives of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine joined Khaled for meetings with Cypriot MEP Neoklis Sylikiotis, vice-chair of the Green United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) bloc in the Parliament, and Greek MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis, vice-president of the European Parliament on 9 and 10 February.

Related - Standing ovation for Mahmoud Abbas at the European Parliament in 2016:

Among those rewarding Abbas with a standing ovation: Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, Federica Mogherini, the EU Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs, and Guy Verhofstadt , former Belgian PM and currently a MEP. (2016)
- Europe: MEPs give standing ovation to blood libel

Norwegian minister: 'We now get what Israel goes through'

Via Ynet News:
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Ynet in Oslo, Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug says Europeans 'are experiencing now the fear that you have experienced for decades'; supporting Israel's right to defend itself, Listhaug adds 'you live in a region that has a lot of problems.' 
Norway’s minister of immigration drew comparisons Wednesday between the plight of Europeans suffering from increasingly common terror attacks with the experiences endured by Israel for decades. 
“We are experiencing now the fear that you have experienced for decades,” said Sylvi Listhaug in an exclusive interview with Ynet in Oslo. “Many people now understand the situation you live in. We see what is happening in Sweden, in Britain and in France.”   
European nations, she added, “and their citizens need to understand the situation in Israel better because of the terror attacks in Israel.”  Since taking office, Listhaug has cracked down on illegal immigration into the Scandinavian country by adopting stringent policies that have resulted in just 1,000 illegal migrants entering the country in 2017 from 30,000 in 2015.   
According to Listhaug, her Progress Party, which governs in a coalition with the Conservative Party, is a staunch supporter of Israel.  “The Progress Party has always been a supporter of Israel’s need to protect themselves (sic) in a region where you are the only democracy,” she claimed.
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Germany: Writer under fire for demonizing German Jews

Via The Jerusalem Post (Benjamin Weinthal):
German Jews and experts in the field of antisemitism in the press slammed a journalist for promoting classical antisemitic tropes in her commentary that attacked the Central Council of Jews for their criticism of a reportedly one-sided television documentary about the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip. 
The Jerusalem Post reached out in September to the Berlin Jewish community, media experts, and observers of rising antisemitism in Germany about the progressive newspaper taz’s media columnist Marlene Halser’s commentary. 
“Ms. Halser conveys antisemitic conspiracy theories, according to which Jews control the media (if not the entire world),” said Sigmount Königsberg, the Berlin Jewish community’s commissioner on antisemitism. 
Sacha Stawski, the editor-in-chief of media watchdog Honestly Concerned in Frankfurt, said Halser’s commentary is filled with bias and reveals “antisemitic conspiracy theories.” Stawski, a German Jew, has tracked antisemitism in the German-language press for over a decade. 
Halser’s August commentary, titled “Program Director Schuster,” notes that “already for a second time within months the Central Council of Jews in Germany issued criticism of the program decision of the TV station Arte.” Halser concluded her column: “the question is, to what extent does the political representative of a religious community attempt to interfere in the program presentation of an independent station.” (...)
When asked in a follow-up query if she has criticized other religious communities and NGOs in Germany for media interference, Halser declined to respond. 
Daniel Killy, the spokesman for the city of Hamburg’s Jewish community, said: “Marlene Halser agrees on the fact that the Arte documentary was lacking a lot but then also attacks Mr. Schuster for interfering. Well, the Muslim representatives of Germany are interfering every second minute and it’s their democratic right, so why is Halser bothering?” 
Post queries to taz editor-in-chief Georg Löwisch, as well as deputy editors Barbara Junge and Katrin Gottschalk, were not returned. (...) 
Grigori Pantijelew, the deputy representative of the Bremen Jewish community in northern Germany, said that “in my work with the media, my premise is that the poll results of the federal government’s antisemitism commission are accurate. That means, 40% of the citizens of this country are antisemitic. It flies in the face of logic when the results do not apply [to] journalists. Journalists are, after all, also people.' 
The Jewish community in Germany is relatively small, with 98,600 registered members as of 2016. Germany’s population is just over 82 million people.
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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Russia: TV series claims Jewish Trotsky masterminded bloody 1917 revolution

Via The Times of Israel:
Leaving historians unsure whether show is anti-Semitic or simply sensationalist, upcoming drama accuses Marxist thinker of murdering tsar's family 
A hundred years after the Russian revolution, the Russians are claiming that a Jew was behind it — at least according to a new television drama. 
An eight-episode series entitled “Trotsky” argues it was Jewish revolutionary Leon Trotsky — and not Vladimir Lenin — who masterminded the revolution that brought the communists to power. The film also blames Trotsky for the execution of the Russian royal family.
The upcoming televised drama will be screened on Russian TV in the beginning of November, in time for the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. 
 “You can say that Trotsky wrote the music, and Lenin sang to it. Trotsky made the revolution happen; Lenin only lead it,” said Alexander Kott, the Jewish co-director of the TV series. (...)
But most historians don’t accept the new theory that it was Trotsky who masterminded the Russian revolution.
“This is utter nonsense. It doesn’t fit in with any historical facts. I totally disagree,” said Gennady Estraikh, a New York University professor who specializes in Jewish history in Russia. “It smells like anti-Semitism, the claim that the Jews were responsible for the revolution rather than the Russians. It’s very strange.”
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France: Up to 8,000 Jews leave France each year

Valeurs Actuelles has a piece by Rachel Binhas about antisemitism in France:

Each year, several thousand French Jews leave to Israel, the United Kingdom or America. BNVCA (Bureau of Vigilance against anti-Semitism) puts the figure at between 6,000 and 8,000 Jews.

There is also an internal displacement phenomenon.   In the Île-de-France region many Jews move to safer areas. "In Sarcelles, branded the "Little Jerusalem", the synagogues now stand empty," says Marc Bensimhon, the Pinto family lawyer and a member of the BNVCA.

This year, in Noisy-le-Grand (Seine-Saint-Denis), a Jewish family discovered a kalashnikov bullet and a note with insults in their mailbox.  At Anet (Eure-et-Loir) another family got the message: "Hitler was right, all Jews should have been burnt in ovens".

While Jews account for less than 1% of the population, they are the target of half the racist acts committed in France. In the last fifteen years, the individuals involved in these acts are mostly of Muslim origin, very far from the skinhead affiliated to the extreme right.

read the article (in French) & Valeurs Actuelles

France: 60,000 Jews have moved out of Ile-de-France in the last 10 years

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

European Parliament hosting Palestinian terrorists

This is an example of how European MPs spend their time and taxpayers' money.  They then complain that populists are becoming more and more popular...

Via NGO Monitor (Gerald Steinberg):

Letter to MEPs Concerning PFLP Event at the European Parliament 
Olga DeutschSeptember 26, 2017 
Dear Mr. President of the European Parliament, 
As the distinguished President of the European Parliament, we wish to bring to your attention a highly disturbing event, “The Role of Women in the Palestinian Popular Struggle,” scheduled to take place this evening (September 26, 2017) in the European Parliament in Brussels. The event is organized by MEPs from the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group and Unadikum – International Solidarity Association. 
Scheduled speakers include Leila Khaled, whose affiliation is listed as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Sahar Francis, director of a Palestinian NGO known as “Addameer” (see below for poster advertising the event). 
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) is a terror organization, responsible for hijackings, suicide bombings, and assassinations. It is designated as such by the EU (including in the latest Council update dated August 4, 2017), as well as by the United StatesCanada, and Israel, among others. We note the following connections between the event’s speakers/organizers and the PFLP terror organization:
  • Addameer is an “affiliate” of the PFLP. Addameer’s chairperson and co-founder, vice-chairperson, as well as researchers and board members have been convicted, arrested, and/or banned from travel due to their ties to the PFLP.
It is outrageous that the European Parliament is giving a platform to a terrorist and her organization, and that these affiliations are being openly advertised. NGO Monitor strongly condemns any parliament group hosting internationally recognized terrorists as well as civil society organizations (CSOs) with ties to terror organizations. 
This event is part of a pattern of European governmental endorsement of (and in some cases funding to) CSOs that legitimize violent attacks against civilians and incite violence. As shown in our research, these groups propagate historical distortions and omissions, but more dangerously manipulate the terminology of human rights and international law in order to justify violence against civilians by using terms like “popular resistance” and “popular struggle.”  
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Sweden: Former PM says Israel pushing US into region-wide war with Iran

Carl Bildt, former Swedish PM, and nowadays Co-Chair of the European Council on Foreign Relations wrote on twitter:
Egged on by Netanyahu it seems Trump wants to take the US into a region-wide war with Iran. Europe will suffer. Everyone will lose.
Joshua Muravchik calls him "a longtime anti-Israel fanatic":
Bildt, a longtime anti-Israel fanatic, endorsed Goldstone report, later disavowed by Goldstone, within hours of release w/o having read it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

UK: Labour panellists question Holocaust, call for expulsion of Jewish Labour Movement

Via Daily Mail:
Jeremy Corbyn was urged to act after activists applauded panellists at a fringe meeting who likened supporters of Israel to Nazis.

One speaker even suggested Labour should be free to debate whether the Holocaust had happened.


The controversial meeting on 'free speech on Israel' was chaired by Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, who said there was a 'vicious campaign that's been directed at the Palestinian cause, misusing anti-Semitic allegations'. Although described as a free speech event audience members were told not to record it or tweet.

Miko Peled, an Israeli-American who sat on the panel, said 'they' – an apparent reference to Israel or the pro-Israel lobby – did not want Mr Corbyn to enter Number 10. 'This is about free speech, the freedom to criticise and to discuss every issue, whether it's the Holocaust: yes or no, Palestine, the liberation, the whole spectrum. There should be no limits on the discussion.'

He added: 'It's about the limits of tolerance: we don't invite the Nazis and give them an hour to explain why they are right; we do not invite apartheid South Africa racists to explain why apartheid was good for the blacks, and in the same way we do not invite Zionists – it's a very similar kind of thing.'

Michael Kalmanovitz, from the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, was applauded for calling from the audience for the expulsion from Labour of the Jewish Labour Movement and the Labour Friends of Israel.

A Labour spokesman said: 'Labour condemns anti-Semitism in the strongest terms. We will not tolerate anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial.' 

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Europe: Is the latest migrant wave bringing a dark cloud for Europe’s Jews?

Via European Jewish Press (Manfred Gerstenfeld):
Following Germany’s lead over the past two years, Europe has absorbed well over a million refugees and migrants, many of whom fled the bitter intrastate conflicts in war-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq and Libya.  (...)
“European Jews have already paid a major price for the unselective massive immigration of Muslims in the past decades along with Israel,” said Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, an emeritus chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, to European Jewish Press. 
Dr. Gerstenfeld, an Austrian born, Dutch educated, Israeli author and expert on anti-Semitism, founded the Center’s Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism program. 
According to Dr. Gerstenfeld, the problems for Europe’s Jewish community have been in the making for at least several decades. 
“Some of the problems however were already there irrespective of Muslim refugees,” he stressed. 
 “We cannot isolate the latest migrant wave from the previous ones,” he said, referring to Europe’s decades-long absorption of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa.
“The most negative thing that has happened to European Jewry since the Holocaust is this massive non-selective influx of Muslims into Europe, even though of course nothing can be compared to the horrors of the Holocaust,” Dr. Gerstenfeld contended.
Noting that “all ideologically-motivated murders of European Jews in this century were carried out by Muslims,” Dr. Gerstenfeld views the EU as having been “a massive importer of anti-Semites.”
The American Jewish Committee (AJC), which has provided assistance to some of the refugees who fled North Africa and the Middle East for Europe over the past two years, has acknowledged the prevalence of anti-Semitism among many of the migrants. 
“Many of the migrants come from countries with deeply anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist roots,” AJC CEO David Harris told European Jewish Press. “It would be hard to believe that simply by leaving those countries behind, they are necessarily leaving behind everything they heard and were taught about Jews and Israel over the span of lifetimes.” 
Dr. Gerstenfeld believes that European society at large should also be anxious.
“Essentially, Europe has also imported a radically alien culture with the many people among the immigrants who do not seek to integrate,” he argued.
David Kohane (Kuhan)


(1980) A ‘hit Team’ of Arab Terrorists Planned to Bomb Jewish Institutions in Brussels and in Antwerp 

"David Kohane, 15, was killed and 20 other persons were wounded, one of whom, 13-year-old Joshua Erblich, remains in critical condition."